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Reception hours : Weekdays 10:00~17:00 Closed on weekends and holidays
For warranty and repair, we may ask you to fill out the form.
We do not accept repairs over the phone.
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When sending a product to a Milestone, please print and fill out the “Repair Request Form” below and send it with the product.


I bought it at auction, parallel import, and individual sale. Can I get a guarantee?

I lost my product warranty. Can I get a guarantee?

Do I have to pay for shipping when sending the product to the Milestone Support Center for repairs?

Can I bring the product I want to repair directly to the Milestone Support Center?

Is it possible to send me a replacement that can be used during product repair?

How long is the repair period?

For paid repairs, can I get a quote in advance?

Position where the serial number is written for each product

Please refer to this description example for the description position of the serial number of each product.
In addition, about the product, the description position may be different. In that case, you can leave it blank.

COUGAR : Headset(cable)

COUGAR : Keyboard (rear)

COUGAR : PC power supply unit (top)

COUGAR : PC case (lower back)

COUGAR : Mouse (back)

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